Thursday, February 24, 2011

High School at 30

So I joined a mom's workout for a 3 month challenge (at least) and I have been having a good time. . .

. . .But I have to be honest - I feel like I'm in High School again! 

I feel like it's HS gym class & everyone is judging the way I look - the way I don't have enough stamina & I take the easy way out. Most people already know everyone & I feel like the unpopular one. Trying to get with the "in" crowd. 

What a sense of insecurity I have! I thought I conquered this when I grew up!!!! So here I go again - conquering it. At least this time I have 3 adorable kids that take the attention off of me - sometimes!

So here's to all the women out there with insecurity issues! I put myself out there & I'm gonna conquer it once again!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

"do you want the last one?"

A couple months ago my husband asked me if he could drink some of my sodas (this was after he drank all of his & I still had half a pack left). I told him as long as he leaves the last one for me. He jokingly said
"Michelle always needs the last" And this is so true! But it got me thinking. This is good marital advice!

Men - listen up! (only women are probably reading this - but oh well) always let your wife have the LAST . . .

Last bite. When you're eating dinner. Don't just take the last of everything. She may not want it. But she will appreciate the offer.

Last sip. If you're sharing a drink. Again, offer! It goes a long way.

Last WORD! She may not always be right. But females like to talk!

Last minute of your day. Go to bed together - not at different times. That isn't always easy in this busy world. But try to make it a habit.

After almost 10 years of being married I think my husband has this down. Within the last week he has offered me the last bite of lots of things : ) Way to go Joel!

Friday, February 4, 2011

God IS in control!

In my devotions I've been reading some passages from Job. And I've been praying that it's not a sign that God is going to try me like Job.....cause I'm not cut out for that! ha! But anyway.....after reading the Scripture I read the devotion. And it said "Although it is sometimes difficult to see, God IS in control" And I realized that was what I needed to hear. We may not know what tomorrow holds. We may not know how we're gonna pay the bills. But we know that God IS in control! My mom says "God is still on the throne". And that is so powerful when you think about it. God hasn't been impeached, God hasn't abandoned us, God hasn't lost His power!!!! He IS in control!

So if you're having a bad day (hence the cute little fairy crying picture). Just know that GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!! And you too will get through this. You WILL come out on the other side victoriously!

God Bless!