Saturday, December 8, 2012

Race Bib Portfolio filled

Here is my completed book.... 
well, I will continue to add more bibs.

to get this Subway Art read my last blog for the link to download.

they didn't hand out bibs for this one, but I didn't let that stop me.
I think my bib got mangled too bad to keep :( and I can't find a picture yet.


see I added a side note - I got recognized! :)

Team effort triathlon
one of the extra pages. This was a training program that I won first place when we did a 4 mile run.
I added my older kids' first race bibs so I didn't have to worry about keeping track of the some other way.

Race Bib Portfolio

I saw a Race Bib portfolio on a running site, it had a cheesy picture, and the pages inside weren't that pretty. So being the crafty addict I am I knew I could make one look much prettier. And since it's so close to Christmas I knew I wanted my close running friends to have one too!

I made my own subway art with running mantras. I made it for an 8x8 sheet, here is the PDF for  Run Subway Art. This is one thing that I am so proud of!!!! And it was so fun making.

I learned a couple things during this project: I can't cut straight even with a paper cutter. I can't measure right even with a paper cutter ruler. Don't modge podge something that is printed from your ink-jet printer. Don't leave non-modged-podged book on the desk where little kids can get it wet.

Each portfolio starts & ends with a chipboard (found in the scrapbook page racks, as thick as cardboard). This is what I glued the subway art to.

Then there are 5 decorated pages, front & back. Then 5 white cardstock pages for extras. They are single hole punched and held together with binder rings so that more pages, or just bibs, can be added. On each page I glued a small paper with the words: Date, Distance, Time, Pace, Notes. I left room for them to write in. I made it so that they are ready for my friends' first 10 bibs & all they have to do is glue & write. Here are some color combinations I made for my friends. I just featured some of the favorite pages from the books (I made 9 altogether).

Black & Creme. One page with black glitter polka dots. One page with raised black 'leaves'. 

I absolutely loved the blues and greens color combinations of this one. 

Pretty maroons and purples. 

Paisleys - I love them! Blues, browns, greens.
Here is another greens & blues. 

Fun psychedelic purples, with accents of maroon.   

Blues & oranges. The bottom right paper was my favorite.

Some polka dots & stripes are always fun.

I had so much fun making these. And I enjoyed seeing my friends receive them. On every day, except August first, it is more blessed to give than to receive ;-)

Read my next blog with the pages of mine filled out (I didn't want to bombard this one with pictures). Post if you have questions about making your own!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Babysitter

This past August I began training for my first Half Marathon (another blog). So every Tuesday night at 5:15pm I would go to a track with my K√§rna Fitness group and do sprint intervals, speed work outs, endurance training. It was H.O.T. in August. Ninety degrees some days, even at 5pm. 

My 3 kids were troopers and came to track with me, because there was no other option. My husband doesn't get off work until 6 or 6:30. And for the first 2 months of my training he wasn't getting home until 7pm or later. So after about 3 weeks of taking my kids in the blazing sun, I decided we had to get a babysitter. 

I asked a friend, she gave me a name of a college student. That college student gave me another friend, Hannah. I texted her, she texted back, she could do it!!! I was relieved! She could commit to the beginning of November. I was excited! 

I found out she was a third year student, so I figured she was responsible enough :) She was always on time, and I had to pry the kids off of her when I got home. :) 

I texted her and asked her if I could do a blog on her, she probably thought I was crazy. But here's the reason..... she was my kids first *real* babysitter. I have left them with family and super close friends.... but never a complete stranger! eeek! For the first 2 weeks my two year old was not very happy. And after that she was totally fine because Hannah was fun. All 3 kids would get so excited when they realized it was Tuesday and Hannah was coming over. When I would tell my 2 year old she would clap her hands "yay! Hannah!"

A week ago was my last Tuesday doing my training. The kids are so sad that Hannah doesn't come every week. We'll see her again though.

Hannah's last night with my kiddos

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Third Child

I didn't have pages torn out of a book, until I had my third child.

I didn't have marker on my walls, until I had my third child.

I didn't have toilet paper spun off the roll, until I had my third child.

I didn't have a toilet overflow because of said toilet paper spun off the roll, until I had my third child.

While on that subject, I didn't have toys thrown in the toilet, until I had my third child.

I didn't have a child stand on the kitchen table, until I had my third child.

I didn't have a child refuse to sit in her high chair, until I had my third child.

But that third child is one of the best things that happened to me. She is only 2 but she keeps us laughing. Her two older siblings just think the world of her, and she knows it. They seriously give in to her more. She was not a early walker, or an early talker. In fact there are a lot of things that she says that me & my husband just look at each other 'what did she just say!?!' She does a little dance that just cracks us all up. She gives us looks & makes facial expressions that make me laugh. While trying to potty train her I asked her if she was going to go potty today, she said "No. I went yesterday". When I told her to count to 10 for a video she said "1...2...10!!!".  When she finishes a book, instead of saying The End, she says "Amen". After I take a picture she said "no I want a bideo"

Someone once said to me, and I tell other Moms expecting their third child - "they add a third dimension to your family" And that is seriously the only way it can be described :)

I love my first born, middle child & third child all the way to the moon and back!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

I am home schooling my First Grader & my Kindergartener. (signs from here) This will be our second year home schooling. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

Reading on FaceBook all my friends' chikdren starting school how they cried or tried to hold back the tears or were so sad to see them go. I never really got it. I didn't really understand why they were crying. Until today.

We joined a co-op. a community of home schoolers & you can choose classes that another parent teachers. My kids are both taking Science. Today my first grader went to her class first. Dropping her off was easy. She didn't need to tell me bye. She was too busy settling in for me to get a picture of her. I took the younger two and they played on the playground.

My Kindergartener was different. All last week & all today he kept telling me he was scared. I reminded him that his friend would be there. I told him that I could stay in the class if he needed me to. He said he did. We go to pick up Malayna and it's his turn. He's squeezing my hand, very nervous, he doesn't want to go. We wait for his friend to get there. I take him in the class. Find a seat (they're at a table). I tell him I will wait in the hallway until he doesn't need me (it's a window door) & I told him that we would be at the playground. He knew where that was - not far from class.  He's fine with that. So I stood outside watching him. The teacher handed out the homework to put in their notebook, it looked like he was getting red in the face almost about to cry, because he couldn't open his 3 ring binder. It overwhelmed me... I realize this is the feeling!!! The feeling of "I can't protect my kid from fear & frustration." I wanted to walk into the class & help him open his book. I didn't. He gets it open. He listens to the teacher talk. He glances out the door, sees me, smiles & waves. I smile & wave back and walk away while he's watching. I wanted to turn back to see if he was ok with that .... I didn't. After I picked him up he said "that was fun!!!" YAY!!! Success :) although he did say he was bored a little. That's a different story :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Biking

So today is our first day of our family staycation. The first half of the week will be spent with the kids, the second half of the week will be without the kids and it will be our 11th Anniversary! :)

I envisioned this wonderful biking time as me & Joel would hold hands walking as the kids biked ahead of us. It was the exact opposite. But it kept me laughing and that's what matters.

starting out on the 1/4 mile trail
At the beginning

So we were just going to a 1/4 mile, nice little paved trail, where I go running most Saturdays. Joel had fixed Malayna's training wheels before we left, even carried a wrench in his pocket. 

A little bit into the ride he decided all 3 of the kids' seats needed to be raised. Good thing he had the wrench. 

Malayna didn't quite get the hang of balancing so Joel had to help her by riding along side. 

Mayci was rather funny, she couldn't reach the pedals so she was doing the Fred Flinstone way. She didn't have the steering down so she was going off into the grass. I told her "watch where you're going" she turned around and kept 'pedaling', I guess to see where she had been??? :)

Jayden said "when I get home I'm taking a bath because I am SO sweaty!" he was pretty good at pedaling. His training wheels were better.

So it was a lot of Joel helping Malayna, me helping Mayci. We did stop to smell the 'roses' a little. We saw a tree frog, tiny, that was camoflauged with the dirt. Mayci found a couple of leaves & tried to throw them into the river, while she was on her bike, on the trail. They didn't quite make it to the water.

Then the unthinkable happened.... one of Malayna's training wheels fell off completely! She was devastated! How could she ride her bike without the training wheels! whining....whining....whining.... by that time Mayci was done biking. She carried the water bottle, I carried her bike, helmet & Malayna's training wheels.

She was happy. She was galloping, singing "I'm carrying the water bottle" (not that clear). Jayden wanted a drink so she happily took it to him. Said cheese for the picture. She was doing great.

Then Malayna wanted a drink, she didn't ask for it, she just took it out of her hands. Mayci was not happy. She was pouting as she walked. Then she came to me "hold me Mommy" my hands were still full with everything, plus the water bottle because she was done with that.

So Joel carried Mayci, Malayna walked her bike, because Joel couldn't help her. Malayna was whining the whole time. Complaining how hot she was. Then Joel put Mayci down to help Malayna, we were almost there. Mayci plopped herself on the ground and was not budging, "Mommy, hold me. Mommy, hold me" So I did what any Mom would do, make it happen. So with the parking lot in sight, I carried everything I was already holding - her bike, helmet, Malayna's training wheels, water bottle & my iPhone. I carried her as she pouted the rest of the way. I couldn't let that moment slip by without a picture :)

So although we left with sweat dripping down us, whining kids, sore backs, it was a good little family trip!!! :) Will we do it again? probably not until..... the fall maybe :) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

All About Me?

Here lately I've been having a difficulty with my time management. 

I can't say I have it all under control. But I think I will eventually :) 

Actually my real issue has been guilt. Am I spending too much time on myself? Am I spending enough quality time with my kids? 

I do several exercises a day. Sometimes 3 times a day. I also go running every Saturday. I have the opportunity this Fall to join a Women's Bible Study and I had to really think - is this too much about me? All of these things are good for my mind, body & soul. But I realize too much of a good thing can be bad. 

So I had to sit down, just me & God and process it all. And it's ok to have time for myself, I do not need to feel guilty about it.

 I recently read a news article Super fit moms and it was very encouraging. I also read about 2008 Olympian  Melanie Roach and she inspired me. She has three children, her husband is in office, she also owns & teaches Gymnastics where she lives. (I am not looking to get into the Olympics - ha!) 

When I do my exercises with my Baby Boot Camp friends in the morning not only are my children involved, my 2 year old is learning the alphabet - numbers - nursery rhymes, but they are seeing me exercise. When I do my weight lifting at home, my 2 year old gets her weeble people & lifts them like me. My 6 & 5 year old try to lift the weights to see how strong they are. (No children were harmed. :) They are carefully monitored & only pretend to do the motions) When I do abs on the floor my children 'help' me by getting on my back or under me while I plank. So I become a jungle gym. Although I do not spend every second of the day on the floor playing toys with them, I am no longer going to let myself worry if I'm doing too much about me. I am being an example for them. I am taking care of my body now so that I can be around longer for them. 

So this coming school year will be a learn as we go, but I know God will help me make right decisions & my children will not be deprived of Mommy time. 

*disclaimer - I do not think if you are not currently exercising that you are damaging you or your kids. And if you do sit and play with toys all day long I applaud you for that. This was just about my life. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Painted Soles

So I saw this Pinterest Idea and wanted to try it. I like to be different and I like to add a pop of color to my boring outfits. Sometimes I think to myself "I'm over 30, I'm too old for this stuff". But then I change my mind and do it anyway. Hopefully I don't look like a 55+ woman that wears her hair down in a braid!

So here are MY pictures. The only thing, my husband said the smell was horrible & I should have done it outside. He doesn't know that I have plans for a pair of my black shoes!!! :)

1. Clean with alcohol
2. Paint with a white nail polish
3. Let dry for 30 minutes to be safe
4. Paint with color of your choice. Mine was Mango
5. Let dry
6. Apply second coat
7. Let dry 30 minutes, I let mine dry overnight

So Fun! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Too Long for a Status Update

Here are a few random things going through my brain that are too long to tweet or status update.

I have 2 diet cokes left in the fridge. They have been there for a super long time,  2 weeks. I realize that I haven't drank them because I don't want to have just one left and then none left. When I had my fridge stocked I was drinking at least one a day. So that should be my method to not drink as many, only buy 2 sodas at a time. They'll last me longer than a whole case!

nap time.
I am hooked on naps! It all started when I had my first, when I was wait, when I was in college. I would crave just 15 minutes naps between classes in college. Skip forward several years, I was pregnant, working a full time job, I would spend my lunch hour sleeping in my car. After my first child it was the highlight of my day. I overcame that for a while. Then my third child came along, for the past 2 years I take a nap every day. I really need to stop. I need to get more work done around the house. If I ever have to go back to a desk job I will not survive in the real world!!!

I L.O.V.E. buying exercise clothes!!! I have too many, quite a lot, but I see something and think it's better than what I have. I buy shirts that are cute, but then as soon as I step outside in the summer time I'm sweating like a pig and you can see it. So then I buy more thinking it will hide my sweat better. And I'm always trying to find the next awesome skirt for exercising in. So I have a HUGE variety!!!

As I reached my best PR (personal record) at a 5K on Saturday, I realized why I enjoy it so much. I can see my progress. I really enjoy exercising. I exercise 4 days a week and lift weights 4 days a week. I really really enjoy it. I have been at a weight loss stand still for the past 9 months. I keep telling myself maintaining is better than gaining! Back to running, I look back on the last 9+ months when I started running. August 2011, pace 13min/mi. October 2011, pace 10:30min/mi. December 2011, pace 9min/mi. I can see myself improving. I know what to do to get faster.... just keep running .... June 2012, pace 8:19min/mi!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am a multitasker. 
It's my character, my personality, it's who I am.

Multitasking can get me into trouble. 

I admit, I multitask while driving. Not always on my phone, a numerous amount of things. But I'm trying really hard to correct that.

I multitask while brushing my teeth. Now with an electric toothbrush it is not pretty. I get toothpaste on the mirror, on my clothes and running down my chin.

I multitask while filling my water bottle from the fridge dispenser. I am standing there holding the bottle to fill up.... that takes a long time.... I don't want to wait. So my other hand is trying to screw the lid on a bottle I just filled, or trying to get a straw off the counter for my shake. Now that has caused me to spill my water, repeatedly. 

I pull up several websites,  looking at different topics, normally so I don't forget what I want to look up.

There is one time that I cannot multitask. (well there's probably more...but anyway) Recently I started walking around the room with my 2 year old when it's time to go to sleep. I get a blanket, put over my shoulder and walk around with her. She normally calms down. If she's still antsy I sing "O How I Love Jesus" (my six year old told me I sing like an angel :) ) If I try to type on my phone, even if I move one arm to scratch my head it messes her up. 
So..... in that moment..... I realized - it's ok if I don't multitask all the time. It's ok if I just stop, take in the little moments and enjoy the quiet time.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Photo Challenge - Days 15 - 27

So I missed a week blogging my photos. These last 2 weeks have been harder than the first 2 and I could seriously put my kids for half of these!!! But I didn't :) I thought outside of the box. So here it is.

Day 15 - Love. I couldn't help but use my kids for this! But I also love warm weather & sitting out in the sun.

Day 16 - What you're reading. I could have added 1 more book.

Day 17 - Snack. There is just something about grapes & cheese! yum!

Day 18 - Something you made. I didn't make it on this day, I was sick in bed on this day :(

Day 19 - A favorite place. Food places are probably more my favorite... but this is one of my favs. It's the path where I run. I see lots of wild life (saw 2 deer on Saturday) and the running water is such a pretty sound.

Day 20 - Something you can't live without. Not exactly something. But I could not live with my Mom & sisters!!! They keep me grounded, in style and carefree.

Day 21 - Where you stand. I have strong, very strong Biblical beliefs. So here are just a few Scriptures to show where I stand.

Day 22 - Pink. I want this bag so bad!

Day 23 - Technology. My kids' iPhones & our iPad. Just a few of our iThings.

Day 24 - Something new. My front tooth! After 20 years of having the same bonding on my front chipped tooth, I got a 'new' one :)

Day 25 - Unusual. There is a lady locally that makes jewelry called On The Wire. She custom made me a Mother ring. Three different colors of wire that represents my three children.

Day 26 - 12 o'clock.... really? no picture for that one.

Day 27 - Something sweet. Mmmmmm Chocolate Devotion from Cold Stone!

Next week is the last 4 days. Enjoy!