Monday, June 13, 2011

Jumped OFF the Bandwagon!!!

I was doing SO good there for a while! A blog every week! And then life got hectic! Sorry!

Just some highlights of my life since my last post:

1. My older sister & nephew came for a visit the first week.

Manisha & I - on my parents front porch

2. I stayed with my parents for the second week.
My parents & Mayci on Memorial Day 2011

3. My cousins from Chicago, aunt/uncle from Tennessee came the next week.
Sharenda & I - going shopping, kidless & with our moms

4. My husband went to California for the World Wide Developer Conference hosted by Apple.

5. My weight loss total since February 2011 is 15 pounds!!!!
me with my new Kate Spade iPhone4 case - shows my weight loss