Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Biking

So today is our first day of our family staycation. The first half of the week will be spent with the kids, the second half of the week will be without the kids and it will be our 11th Anniversary! :)

I envisioned this wonderful biking time as me & Joel would hold hands walking as the kids biked ahead of us. It was the exact opposite. But it kept me laughing and that's what matters.

starting out on the 1/4 mile trail
At the beginning

So we were just going to a 1/4 mile, nice little paved trail, where I go running most Saturdays. Joel had fixed Malayna's training wheels before we left, even carried a wrench in his pocket. 

A little bit into the ride he decided all 3 of the kids' seats needed to be raised. Good thing he had the wrench. 

Malayna didn't quite get the hang of balancing so Joel had to help her by riding along side. 

Mayci was rather funny, she couldn't reach the pedals so she was doing the Fred Flinstone way. She didn't have the steering down so she was going off into the grass. I told her "watch where you're going" she turned around and kept 'pedaling', I guess to see where she had been??? :)

Jayden said "when I get home I'm taking a bath because I am SO sweaty!" he was pretty good at pedaling. His training wheels were better.

So it was a lot of Joel helping Malayna, me helping Mayci. We did stop to smell the 'roses' a little. We saw a tree frog, tiny, that was camoflauged with the dirt. Mayci found a couple of leaves & tried to throw them into the river, while she was on her bike, on the trail. They didn't quite make it to the water.

Then the unthinkable happened.... one of Malayna's training wheels fell off completely! She was devastated! How could she ride her bike without the training wheels! whining....whining....whining.... by that time Mayci was done biking. She carried the water bottle, I carried her bike, helmet & Malayna's training wheels.

She was happy. She was galloping, singing "I'm carrying the water bottle" (not that clear). Jayden wanted a drink so she happily took it to him. Said cheese for the picture. She was doing great.

Then Malayna wanted a drink, she didn't ask for it, she just took it out of her hands. Mayci was not happy. She was pouting as she walked. Then she came to me "hold me Mommy" my hands were still full with everything, plus the water bottle because she was done with that.

So Joel carried Mayci, Malayna walked her bike, because Joel couldn't help her. Malayna was whining the whole time. Complaining how hot she was. Then Joel put Mayci down to help Malayna, we were almost there. Mayci plopped herself on the ground and was not budging, "Mommy, hold me. Mommy, hold me" So I did what any Mom would do, make it happen. So with the parking lot in sight, I carried everything I was already holding - her bike, helmet, Malayna's training wheels, water bottle & my iPhone. I carried her as she pouted the rest of the way. I couldn't let that moment slip by without a picture :)

So although we left with sweat dripping down us, whining kids, sore backs, it was a good little family trip!!! :) Will we do it again? probably not until..... the fall maybe :) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

All About Me?

Here lately I've been having a difficulty with my time management. 

I can't say I have it all under control. But I think I will eventually :) 

Actually my real issue has been guilt. Am I spending too much time on myself? Am I spending enough quality time with my kids? 

I do several exercises a day. Sometimes 3 times a day. I also go running every Saturday. I have the opportunity this Fall to join a Women's Bible Study and I had to really think - is this too much about me? All of these things are good for my mind, body & soul. But I realize too much of a good thing can be bad. 

So I had to sit down, just me & God and process it all. And it's ok to have time for myself, I do not need to feel guilty about it.

 I recently read a news article Super fit moms and it was very encouraging. I also read about 2008 Olympian  Melanie Roach and she inspired me. She has three children, her husband is in office, she also owns & teaches Gymnastics where she lives. (I am not looking to get into the Olympics - ha!) 

When I do my exercises with my Baby Boot Camp friends in the morning not only are my children involved, my 2 year old is learning the alphabet - numbers - nursery rhymes, but they are seeing me exercise. When I do my weight lifting at home, my 2 year old gets her weeble people & lifts them like me. My 6 & 5 year old try to lift the weights to see how strong they are. (No children were harmed. :) They are carefully monitored & only pretend to do the motions) When I do abs on the floor my children 'help' me by getting on my back or under me while I plank. So I become a jungle gym. Although I do not spend every second of the day on the floor playing toys with them, I am no longer going to let myself worry if I'm doing too much about me. I am being an example for them. I am taking care of my body now so that I can be around longer for them. 

So this coming school year will be a learn as we go, but I know God will help me make right decisions & my children will not be deprived of Mommy time. 

*disclaimer - I do not think if you are not currently exercising that you are damaging you or your kids. And if you do sit and play with toys all day long I applaud you for that. This was just about my life.