Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Just by reading my title I'm sure you have already started humming or even singing the famous song from Sound of Music. 

I made up my own lyrics to the song. 
So sing my lyrics and write you own lyrics for the fun of it!

*any reference to children, kids or babies are referring to MINE :) 

A few of my favorite things
Sun beaming brightly and Spring flowers growing
Slobbery wet kisses and raspberry blowing
Make believe playing with pink fairy wings
These are a few of my favorite things
Bouquet of flowers for simply no reason
Kids playing nicely and Baby is cheesin’
Listening to children and songs that they sing
These are a few of my favorite things
Hearing I Love You and snuggling together
Playing outside in beautiful weather
Choc-olate candy and lollipop rings
These are a few of my favorite things
When the kids fight
When their rooms’ a-mess
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
and then I don’t feel so bad

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Mother

I have been holding off on writing this because I wanted to save it for Mother's Day month
.......but here it is. I have one for my dad too......another day.

I have THE best mother in the world!

I recently was in a parenting class and everything the teacher was saying was how I grew up. 
And in turn is how I'm raising my children. How blessed is that!?

I have an awesome mom! She has always loved me unconditionally.

From childhood, my mom & dad always told me if I was ever at my friends' house and I wanted to come home I could call them up and they would come get me, it didn't matter what time it was. 
I knew they would, I never doubted it. I think I called home once. 
But the fact was I knew my parents were there for me. 
<ok, now I'm crying>

We also have a secret word(s) <it's still a secret word> that if we were ever in trouble and we could make one call home we would said that word(s) and my parents would know we were in danger & they would find us. 
*Tip - EVERY parent needs that in this crazy world!

Shortly after I had my driver's license, I was lost (I'm not very good with directions). We had a cell phone, but it wasn't charged. So I was trying to find my way home, I was able to make one quick phone call home but before I could tell my landmarks it died on me. My mom got in the car, my dad asked what she was doing, she informed him she was going to find me. He questioned how she would do that, she said "I'm her mother" 
(that is what I was told so I hope I got the story right) 
..... well she found me. 
She followed me home so I didn't take another wrong turn.

In my teenage years I was not a prize child.....what teenager is? :) And I would wake up in the middle of the night with my mom kneeling beside my bed & praying over me. 
As an adult I mentioned this to my sisters, and they didn't remember her doing that to them.....
was I the only one? really??? :)

My mom was always available for me to talk. After coming home from Youth outings she would say 
"Is there anything you need to tell me?" 
She said that if she heard it from me 
before someone else my punishment would be less. 
As a teen I got sick of that question....
but guess what....I knew I could talk to her.
My sisters & I, to this day, ask each other that question ever so often. :)

My mom is still available to talk.

As an adult I wish I could go back to being a child, where my mother protected me from knowing all the crazy stuff happening. Now she calls me up to make sure I read the news!!! Why mother? Why??? :)

In 2009 my mom found this book about being a Middle Child and it's a really cute book. I found it recently & read it. Cried a bit. Laughed a bit. And saw myself in the pages of this book.

After I post this a million thoughts will come to mind 
about how awesome my mom is.....
but for now this is all. Maybe for Mother's Day I'll add more :)

I love you MOM!!!!

Mom - I need more pictures of you & me!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So here is a bunch of randomness from me.

*I don't like to hang up clothes, but I enjoy folding up clothes.....

*I cannot stand to have emails sitting in my inbox. 
I either trash them or put them in folders.....

*I really enjoy my workouts with Baby Boot Camp.....

*My dad called yesterday to tell me he will be passing through later this week & he's taking me (& my kids) out for lunch - I am so privileged to have an awesome relationship with my dad!.....

* I would rather FB then text or call....

*I like love to eat....and that is why I must workout.....

*I'm not a competitive person

*I am a middle child....and I make excuses for myself because of that.....
in a joking way of course.....

*I do not like to decorate with flowers (wall pictures....fabric) 
but I enjoy dressing my girls as girly can be....

*When I was a teenager I couldn't stand the color pink....
G.A.P. = Girls Against Pink.....now I embrace it!....

*My husband doesn't understand how eating a "treat"....alone.....
can be a mini vacation for me....

*I am a very sentimental person....my son is too. He cried the other day because I'm giving away shoes he wore when he was 2. 
He said he didn't remember them & he wants to wear them now.......

*my children are my EVERYTHING!!!......

*I HATE to cook...I have been cooking dinner at home for the past 2 weeks...with very little help from my husband (an awesome cook)....I'm quite proud

*I love to take naps...sleep in....but I like to stay up late.....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Craft Bug

this isn't even ALL my ribbon - just the ones on the spool

I have been bitten by the craft bug.....and it's not.....going........away!

I've always been crafty. But here lately that's all I want to do. Maybe is has to do with the fact that the only time I can is when the kids are in bed & when all the house is cleaned. Since that is a very small window I normally don't. So I guess it's just building up inside of me.

So this week I have been trying to do some crafty things. This past weekend I made a chart for my Baby Boot Camp class. We have to track points, attendance...things like that so you can win a prize at the end [side note: I won in February - most improved push-ups & won a spa certificate].
So I volunteered to make a chart & it was FUN!!! :)

So this week I have been working on a surprise for my sister Mandy. And if you remember at the beginning of 2011 I did the "Pay it Forward Challenge." So I figured out what I'm going to make for Tracy & Mary (the other 2 people who commented on my FB post).

So I have been searching for how to blogs (I'll post links later) and I have been spending lots of time crafting (last night 2 hours!) And it has been so rewarding & therapeutic :)

I will definitely post pictures of the items I make.

ummmm......yes I staged these photos & took 20 of them :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pick Your Battles

As a mother of a 5yo, 3yo & 10 month old alot goes on in my household.

I continue to strive to be a better mom. I constantly have to work on my yelling. When we are rushing out the door in the morning and my 3 year old justs sits there after I told him to put his shoes on a gazillion times it is extremely hard not to yell! So there are days I yell. And then there are days when I have it under control :)

Today my 10 month old spilled a half a box of noodles on the kitchen floor. I could have chosen to be exasperated (I don't yell at her of course), but I saw a different side to it. I saw it kept her entertained while I fixed supper. So a floor full of noodles may look like a mess to some - but to me - it was a blessing :)

And then I realized we could use those noodles in school. To make letters & shapes! woo-hoo! not a waste after all.

So whether you're a mom to little ones or not - pick your battles - some things just aren't worth getting stressed out about!

Have a great weekend.

I tried to get a cute little picture of my baby in the noodles but she followed me when I left to get the camera....so here is a picture of my older two children when we made Cat in the Hat hats