Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Babysitter

This past August I began training for my first Half Marathon (another blog). So every Tuesday night at 5:15pm I would go to a track with my K√§rna Fitness group and do sprint intervals, speed work outs, endurance training. It was H.O.T. in August. Ninety degrees some days, even at 5pm. 

My 3 kids were troopers and came to track with me, because there was no other option. My husband doesn't get off work until 6 or 6:30. And for the first 2 months of my training he wasn't getting home until 7pm or later. So after about 3 weeks of taking my kids in the blazing sun, I decided we had to get a babysitter. 

I asked a friend, she gave me a name of a college student. That college student gave me another friend, Hannah. I texted her, she texted back, she could do it!!! I was relieved! She could commit to the beginning of November. I was excited! 

I found out she was a third year student, so I figured she was responsible enough :) She was always on time, and I had to pry the kids off of her when I got home. :) 

I texted her and asked her if I could do a blog on her, she probably thought I was crazy. But here's the reason..... she was my kids first *real* babysitter. I have left them with family and super close friends.... but never a complete stranger! eeek! For the first 2 weeks my two year old was not very happy. And after that she was totally fine because Hannah was fun. All 3 kids would get so excited when they realized it was Tuesday and Hannah was coming over. When I would tell my 2 year old she would clap her hands "yay! Hannah!"

A week ago was my last Tuesday doing my training. The kids are so sad that Hannah doesn't come every week. We'll see her again though.

Hannah's last night with my kiddos