Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Running Skirts

The Bible teaches us (ladies) to be modest. This is not a blog about modesty, there are so many wonderful other blogs about that. But because of that conviction I wear modest apparel all the time. Within the last 3 years I started exercising, and if you have been reading my blog you know I have also been running & recently became certified to be a Fitness Instructor. I basically live in exercise clothes :) So I am asked a lot where I get my skirts. The short answer is "everywhere & anywhere". This blog will give the long answer :)

There are several websites that sell long enough skirts. Unfortunately those are anywhere from $40-$70*. And I don't know about you but I want more than one skirt in my exercise wardrobe. And being a 1 income family of 5, it's just not wise to buy that many at that price. Yes I could save up for them, but life happens and there's other things that require my money :-(

So I shop thrift stores. Just this week I found a Lululemon shirt ($60 shirt) for $3.75!!!  But we're talking about skirts here. So I go through the skirt section of the thrift store, and I feel every. single. skirt. I know what I want by the feel, then I check the tag. In my experience, my favorite exercise skirts are 95% polyester and 5% spandex.  When I am in the dressing room, I do lunges to see if it has enough stretch. I also found at Walmart some swimsuit cover ups. (mine do not have the ruffles) I just wear them on my waist. I also use them for swimming - I have 3 of them. They are a little more full than I like for running, but are good for summertime exercising.

I do have a few cotton skirts. They are not the best for summer time and they cling to my pants underneath. So I do not wear them during running.

I do always wear capri pants under my skirt so when my skirt comes up during exercise or running I am still covered.

I took a picture of my favorite skirts to help you see what to look for

1 - cotton - Old Navy
2 - this one is Lands End & PINK :) it is a fold over waist - similar link given above
3 - swimsuit cover ups - link given above
4 - running skirts nowadays have ruffles - I want ruffles too! so this has a small ruffle on the hem :) it is from Old Navy I just got it from the thrift store & it is made the same as #5 so I'm happy to have another good running skirt
5 - I don't know where this is from, but it has two slits on the side and I really like it for running
6 - this is a sports skirt, I think from REI, the brand is Patagonia. I just got it from the thrift store too. It is shorter than normal, so I just got it a little bigger so it will be on my hips not my waist. It has shorts built in & pockets.

This skirt I am SOOOO happy about. The company Running Skirts {below at #2} just released this pink polka dotted skirt. I LOVE polka dots & pink. So I found this skirt {below at #1} at the thrift store. The perfect fabric for exercising!!!! I can't wait to wear it.

Hopefully with this blog I have helped people out. And it helps me out, I don't have to type this whole message when friends email me asking :)

*the skirts you can buy online are here and here. I have not purchased these skirts from these sites. I did but some cotton ones from Kosher Casual, and they run small, so follow the size chart. They are also in Israel so the shipping takes a little while.