Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Change is Inevitable

When we moved here in Fall of 2010 we were fully aware that our landlord was going to let us stay in our town house for 1 year. So when it got close to the first year she graciously said sure I'll sign for another year. We were so happy. We didn't have to move again! Then after 24 months she said sure again. Yay!!! 

Then we get a letter... saying she has prior engagements and she has to sell this in order to come out even. She gave us 45 days!!! I'm not gonna lie - I balled like a baby. I cried so hard. I even called my Mom (like a baby). Joel of course was the calm one. 

I was angry - 45 days - we have a family of FIVE!! To find a place - then pack everything up! Then clean this place! I was ready to chew the landlord out. I searched "tenant-landlord rules" and she actually only had to give us 30 days. SO I pulled myself together. 

Friday I dragged my 3 kids to four places looking for our next house. They were troopers. We were gone from our house from 8:30am until 4:30pm. And I got compliments on how well behaved they were. 

Monday we looked at 1 place physically and 3 more through the computer & talking to the realtor.

Saturday we're going back to 2 places to show Joel. 

I'm not looking forward to going through the kids toys and giving away a lot. I'm not looking forward packing up things. I'm not looking forward to learning a new address. I'm not looking forward to learning new routes. I'm not looking forward to changing my address in a gazillion businesses computers!!! 

I don't want to be that family that moves every 2 years - that just doesn't sound stable. That is my biggest fear. 

So here's to embracing CHANGE!!!