Saturday, February 1, 2014

Self-Discipline Confession

I lack self-discipline.

Some would say I have lots of discipline. I exercise most days. I wake up really early to go running, in the cold, rain, ice, heat.

I have a problem prioritizing.

For instance, the major things I need to do right now are: I need to pack up my house to move in 2 weeks. And I need to study for a Fitness Instructor Certification & take the test. Those two things have deadlines, and are very important. BUT at the end of the day, after I have done the typical household things - homeschool the kids, keep the house, laundry & dishes clean. I feel like I deserve some me time. My husband suggested not watching my shows on Hulu at night until I watch one online study video. My response, I deserve time to unwind.

Same goes for food. If I really want a piece of chocolate or soda - I don't withhold it from myself (all the time). I tell myself I've done a good job that day.

On Saturday the kids are being entertained by my husband & I have help in taking care of them. So I like to do crafty things. I should make myself pack a box. But I don't. I get out my craft supplies & enjoy my day.

I'm not writing this to get suggestions on how to prioritize.... it's just a confession :)