Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am a multitasker. 
It's my character, my personality, it's who I am.

Multitasking can get me into trouble. 

I admit, I multitask while driving. Not always on my phone, a numerous amount of things. But I'm trying really hard to correct that.

I multitask while brushing my teeth. Now with an electric toothbrush it is not pretty. I get toothpaste on the mirror, on my clothes and running down my chin.

I multitask while filling my water bottle from the fridge dispenser. I am standing there holding the bottle to fill up.... that takes a long time.... I don't want to wait. So my other hand is trying to screw the lid on a bottle I just filled, or trying to get a straw off the counter for my shake. Now that has caused me to spill my water, repeatedly. 

I pull up several websites,  looking at different topics, normally so I don't forget what I want to look up.

There is one time that I cannot multitask. (well there's probably more...but anyway) Recently I started walking around the room with my 2 year old when it's time to go to sleep. I get a blanket, put over my shoulder and walk around with her. She normally calms down. If she's still antsy I sing "O How I Love Jesus" (my six year old told me I sing like an angel :) ) If I try to type on my phone, even if I move one arm to scratch my head it messes her up. 
So..... in that moment..... I realized - it's ok if I don't multitask all the time. It's ok if I just stop, take in the little moments and enjoy the quiet time.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Photo Challenge - Days 15 - 27

So I missed a week blogging my photos. These last 2 weeks have been harder than the first 2 and I could seriously put my kids for half of these!!! But I didn't :) I thought outside of the box. So here it is.

Day 15 - Love. I couldn't help but use my kids for this! But I also love warm weather & sitting out in the sun.

Day 16 - What you're reading. I could have added 1 more book.

Day 17 - Snack. There is just something about grapes & cheese! yum!

Day 18 - Something you made. I didn't make it on this day, I was sick in bed on this day :(

Day 19 - A favorite place. Food places are probably more my favorite... but this is one of my favs. It's the path where I run. I see lots of wild life (saw 2 deer on Saturday) and the running water is such a pretty sound.

Day 20 - Something you can't live without. Not exactly something. But I could not live with my Mom & sisters!!! They keep me grounded, in style and carefree.

Day 21 - Where you stand. I have strong, very strong Biblical beliefs. So here are just a few Scriptures to show where I stand.

Day 22 - Pink. I want this bag so bad!

Day 23 - Technology. My kids' iPhones & our iPad. Just a few of our iThings.

Day 24 - Something new. My front tooth! After 20 years of having the same bonding on my front chipped tooth, I got a 'new' one :)

Day 25 - Unusual. There is a lady locally that makes jewelry called On The Wire. She custom made me a Mother ring. Three different colors of wire that represents my three children.

Day 26 - 12 o'clock.... really? no picture for that one.

Day 27 - Something sweet. Mmmmmm Chocolate Devotion from Cold Stone!

Next week is the last 4 days. Enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

May Photo Challenge - Days 8 - 14

Day 8 - A smell you adore. Coffee is a smell I adore. My parents drink their coffee black. I don't have many smells that I can say "oh, that reminds me of my childhood" but coffee is the one. When my parents would open a new package of coffee, my sisters & I would smell it. It smelled so good when it was first opened.

Day 9 - Something you do everyday. DRIVE! I feel like I am always in the car, therefore I make excuses for how messy my car is. 

Day 10 - A favorite word. This one was really really hard! I thought about the word chocolate ..... nah.... oooo - I know what would be a fun photo op! so the word is LOVE, as modeled by me & my children.

Day 11 - Kitchen. Since I was a teen I wanted a Coca-Cola kitchen. I would cut things out of magazines and put in my hope chest. I still have not had the dream kitchen I envisioned.... maybe that's why I continue with the theme, even though it is so outdated :) The items I'm most "proud" of are my bottles. I have several that I got from my Grandparents basement.... which are very, very special to me. 

Day 12 - Something that makes you happy. Well, you guessed it, my kids make me happy :) And my husband putting things together without me asking makes me happy. So on this day he put together the new patio set for the kids and they loved it. We sat on the back porch and enjoyed the pretty weather.

Day 13 - Mum. Although I call her Mom it would be fun if I called her Mum, like the British do :) I love my Mum with all my heart!!!

Day 14 - Grass. It was raining and dreary this day, I asked my 6 year old to draw me a picture with grass in it. Here is her picture with a birds nest in a tree, with the Mama bird feeding her baby.

We're halfway through the challenge! :) tune in next week to see the next seven days.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Conscious Effort

Last night as I couldn't sleep I was browsing. A friend on FaceBook posted a link to How to Miss a Childhood. I read it and kept reading blog after blog of hers. No I was not 100% guilty of being glued to my iPhone. I had my boundaries. I wasn't on it during school, dinner, bed time tuck-in, family nights..... but I did check my iPhone every time it dinged throughout the day.

So today I decided to make a conscious effort to not check my FaceBook. I logged out of it on my iPhone so I didn't get notifications. This morning while the kids were still asleep, I updated my status, uploaded a few pictures then logged out. This afternoon while my youngest was taking a nap I updated my status, uploaded a few pictures then logged out. I did not have my phone with me when I was at a playground playing with the kids. I did not check my notifications at red lights. And tonight when we watch America's Funniest Videos I will not be checking my phone.

Tonight at dinner I asked my 6 year old a loaded question (that was mentioned in the blog I referenced). "What do I do too much of?" she thought & thought and thought...... she thought for a good 10 minutes. I told her we would come back to that. I asked her "What do I not do enough of?" She thought a couple minutes and said "School! some days we don't do school!" yesterday was her brother's birthday & we don't do school on birthdays around here, so it was probably fresh on her mind. So yay, she wants more school - good, because First Grade is coming up!

Back to "What do I do too much of?" she thought again and again.... then finally said "Cook too much! You should let us help you out. And you do too much laundry! We can help you, you need to let us do some things for you! And you do the dishes too much" In her word cook she meant just being in the kitchen, making their foods, cleaning their dishes, getting their drinks. I do feel like I spend a lot of time in the kitchen!

This really made me happy.... she did not say that I am on my phone too much..... she did not say that I exercise too much...... she did not say that I yell too much...... Now on another day, when nothing is going right, I'm sure she'll say "You're doing too much of _______" :) But today is good.

Make a conscious effort to put your phones down at the playground, at the dinner table, if you take your kids to school - at drop off & pick up (as mentioned in the above blog).

I pray that I do not miss a childhood of any of my children

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Photo Challenge - Days 1-7

So I decided to do a Photo a Day May.

Although I take more than one photo a day, I just wanted to give it a try. So here are my first 7 days.

May 1 - PEACE. Watching my children sleep is so peaceful to me. Sleeping with them is even more peaceful.

May 2 - SKYLINE. This is a piece of "country" to me, right beside our playground that we go to daily.

May 3 - SOMETHING YOU WORE TODAY. These are croc flip flops. I absolutely love them! And I already have a flip flop tan line from them. 

May 4 - FUN! I decided to take this picture. Then it went crazy after that. My oldest wanted to do a different pose. And started crying saying that this wasn't fun. That was after my second was kicked in the face by my third because she wanted to lay beside Mommy.

poor little guy...he was smiling, never saw it coming!
May 5 - BIRD. No picture there. I was having too much fun at my little guys' birthday party.

May 6 - YOU. The only picture I got of me that day was with my group of friends.

May 7 - SOMEONE THAT INSPIRES YOU. My husband. He is hard working. He is a wonderful Daddy. He is so easy going, sometimes I think too much :) And he doesn't let life's circumstances determine his character.

Next blog weeks 8 - 14.