Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Potty Mouth (not for the weak stomach)

When I found out I was going to be a mom (over 5 years ago) I did not realize how much of my time would be spent in the bathroom!

It starts when you're pregnant. Puking your guts out at any bathroom you can run to. Toilet seat brands like Bemis, American Standard, and Kohler become your buddy. You're squatting on the bathroom floor, trying to quit puking. And you think to yourself "hey, Target has this same toilet"

Then the baby comes. And diapers and diapers and diapers full of surprises for you.

You potty train them. Even at 5 years old wiping your own booty is a difficult task. So, dinner time "Mommy, wipe my bottom!", nap time "Mommy, I need you" waking up in the morning "Mommy, I'm in the bathroom!" Sometimes with all 3 of my kids it is not uncommon for me to wipe 3 booties in a matter of 10 minutes or less!

July 4th 2011 is when I realized that my life is a toilet! My 4 year old got sick. There were countless trips to the bathroom for puking & diaroo. Then a couple days later my 5 year old got sick. Same thing. The whole time my 14 month old is teething, therefore having diaroo several times a day!!!

So, to all you soon to be moms out there....sorry to break it to you....
life is a toilet!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Older Sister

My older sister Manisha is the best.

May 2011
When I was a tween I would have my mom measure my hair to see if it was as long as Manisha's.When I was a teenager I would go into her room and try on her clothes because I wanted to be just like her! When I joined the youth group I was SO excited to get to do everything with her. When she got her drivers' license I was her front seat passenger any time she would let me. I wanted to do everything with her.

September 1985 (L) Michelle 5, (R) Manisha 8

I still talk to her every day. I still call her if I need advice on how to handle a situation. Even if she doesn't always have the solution, she always gives me a different perspective and makes me feel better. She can tell me what I need to be doing in such a loving way.

February 1986, (L) Manisha 8, (R) Michelle 5

She is a wonderful example of a Christian. She does not waiver. In this crazy world, where Christians are turning away from what they know is truth. Manisha does not. She has God for herself, and no one can make her change. Her favorite Scripture:
Romans 8:38-39 KJV
 38For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
 39Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

at our Grandparents house in TN, (top) Manisha, (bottom) Michelle

She is stubborn, but for good reasons. She is the peace maker, tries to make people get along. She is the mentor, always there for advice for her sisters, mom & friends. She is my friend....she is my sister!!!

Although I may not have turned out exactly like her....I have so many good qualities that I have learned from her!!!

May 2011Manisha Dian - I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I Love Social Networks

There are lots of mixed feelings about social networks. People saying they would like hand written, snail mail letters more often....saying they are making people become unsociable.  

Well I feel completely opposite.
I LOVE social networks! 

I am friends with my all my extended family - several of them overseas, most from Coast to Coast. My teenage friends. My High School friends. 
My College friends. Some mutual friends that I have never met face to face. 

I can cry with them about devastation. 
I can be sad with them about disappointments.  
I can attend their weddings. 
I can see their children grow up. 
I can rejoice in their blessings. 
I can learn from their experience.
I can offer advice to help them.
I can be encouraged by their thoughts. 
I can be encouraging by my words. 
I can laugh with them.
I can share my laughs.

I do LOL when I say I do, I do smile when I type ":)", 
I say "haha" when I type it. I do "like" lots of things.

So although I may not send snail mail, 
I may not pick up the phone and call a friend. 
I am still a part of their lives and they are still a part of my life.

I <heart> all of my friends!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Dad

My Dad is THE best dad!!! He has always had such a wonderful relationship with me & my sisters, and we still do.
{Read my younger sisters' blog about my dad - Pops }

My dad & me, hiking with my older sister. She took this picture.

My Dad worked hard to provide for our family. He worked odd jobs just to be able to provide. I remember he was the Hush Puppies mascot one time. To me, as a little girl, it was SO cool to see my dad dressed up in a Dog costume. Little did I know, that minimum wage job was not one to be desired, a man at his age. My Dad went back to college to earn his Masters after we were older. He worked full time, was an Assistant Pastor at our church, and was home every night to have dinner with us.

1998 - I graduated from High School, my Dad graduated with his Masters.

He would take us on our own date. We got to pick the place. He would show us how we should be treated like a lady. He would by flowers for my mom, sometimes just for no special occasion.
On Valentine's Day we got our own box of Whitman's chocolate, hand written on the box "Love, Dad". On Mother's Day we got our own corsage.

One time in my awful teenage years I got into trouble pretty bad. He was upset with me. Then next day I had a card from him, with Pluto on the front. And the inside said "Sorry I growled at you". He wasn't too proud to admit he was wrong. To us or to my mom.

My Dad & I worked together for a while after I graduated High School. And it would never fail. We would be in the car, he would put his hand on my knee & say "I love you Michelle".

One time when we were working together, our office had a picnic. I was the receptionist & had to stay at the phones.  My Dad got me a hamburger. I didn't tell him what I wanted on it. But he brought back exactly what I wanted. He didn't try to put mustard, onions or pickles on it, like he likes. He brought back just what I liked. With a Diet Coke too.

1999 at the airport, me flying back to college (I clearly needed fashion help)

My Dad still works hard for our family. If we are ever in a bind & need money, he is there & I don't have to feel embarrassed to ask. Although sometimes I have been worried that I will get a Financial Lecture, but he doesn't give me one. My Dad promptly logs on & transfers money to me. My mom always tells us that they're spending our inheritance now, on us & the grandkids....oh well :)

When I'm at my parents and pancakes are not on the menu for breakfast on Saturday. I request them, he goes to the store to get the ingredients. My mom says I'm spoiled.

1999 Christmas, My dad got a new hat, I got shoes, I decided to put them on my head too.

There are so many wonderful things my dad does but I will stop.

I am so very thankful for my dad & all he does. He shows me love in so many ways, and says it too!
I am blessed that my husband has some great qualities of my dad...and I'm teaching him the rest :)

I love you Dad!