Saturday, December 8, 2012

Race Bib Portfolio filled

Here is my completed book.... 
well, I will continue to add more bibs.

to get this Subway Art read my last blog for the link to download.

they didn't hand out bibs for this one, but I didn't let that stop me.
I think my bib got mangled too bad to keep :( and I can't find a picture yet.


see I added a side note - I got recognized! :)

Team effort triathlon
one of the extra pages. This was a training program that I won first place when we did a 4 mile run.
I added my older kids' first race bibs so I didn't have to worry about keeping track of the some other way.

Race Bib Portfolio

I saw a Race Bib portfolio on a running site, it had a cheesy picture, and the pages inside weren't that pretty. So being the crafty addict I am I knew I could make one look much prettier. And since it's so close to Christmas I knew I wanted my close running friends to have one too!

I made my own subway art with running mantras. I made it for an 8x8 sheet, here is the PDF for  Run Subway Art. This is one thing that I am so proud of!!!! And it was so fun making.

I learned a couple things during this project: I can't cut straight even with a paper cutter. I can't measure right even with a paper cutter ruler. Don't modge podge something that is printed from your ink-jet printer. Don't leave non-modged-podged book on the desk where little kids can get it wet.

Each portfolio starts & ends with a chipboard (found in the scrapbook page racks, as thick as cardboard). This is what I glued the subway art to.

Then there are 5 decorated pages, front & back. Then 5 white cardstock pages for extras. They are single hole punched and held together with binder rings so that more pages, or just bibs, can be added. On each page I glued a small paper with the words: Date, Distance, Time, Pace, Notes. I left room for them to write in. I made it so that they are ready for my friends' first 10 bibs & all they have to do is glue & write. Here are some color combinations I made for my friends. I just featured some of the favorite pages from the books (I made 9 altogether).

Black & Creme. One page with black glitter polka dots. One page with raised black 'leaves'. 

I absolutely loved the blues and greens color combinations of this one. 

Pretty maroons and purples. 

Paisleys - I love them! Blues, browns, greens.
Here is another greens & blues. 

Fun psychedelic purples, with accents of maroon.   

Blues & oranges. The bottom right paper was my favorite.

Some polka dots & stripes are always fun.

I had so much fun making these. And I enjoyed seeing my friends receive them. On every day, except August first, it is more blessed to give than to receive ;-)

Read my next blog with the pages of mine filled out (I didn't want to bombard this one with pictures). Post if you have questions about making your own!