Monday, June 25, 2012

Painted Soles

So I saw this Pinterest Idea and wanted to try it. I like to be different and I like to add a pop of color to my boring outfits. Sometimes I think to myself "I'm over 30, I'm too old for this stuff". But then I change my mind and do it anyway. Hopefully I don't look like a 55+ woman that wears her hair down in a braid!

So here are MY pictures. The only thing, my husband said the smell was horrible & I should have done it outside. He doesn't know that I have plans for a pair of my black shoes!!! :)

1. Clean with alcohol
2. Paint with a white nail polish
3. Let dry for 30 minutes to be safe
4. Paint with color of your choice. Mine was Mango
5. Let dry
6. Apply second coat
7. Let dry 30 minutes, I let mine dry overnight

So Fun! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Too Long for a Status Update

Here are a few random things going through my brain that are too long to tweet or status update.

I have 2 diet cokes left in the fridge. They have been there for a super long time,  2 weeks. I realize that I haven't drank them because I don't want to have just one left and then none left. When I had my fridge stocked I was drinking at least one a day. So that should be my method to not drink as many, only buy 2 sodas at a time. They'll last me longer than a whole case!

nap time.
I am hooked on naps! It all started when I had my first, when I was wait, when I was in college. I would crave just 15 minutes naps between classes in college. Skip forward several years, I was pregnant, working a full time job, I would spend my lunch hour sleeping in my car. After my first child it was the highlight of my day. I overcame that for a while. Then my third child came along, for the past 2 years I take a nap every day. I really need to stop. I need to get more work done around the house. If I ever have to go back to a desk job I will not survive in the real world!!!

I L.O.V.E. buying exercise clothes!!! I have too many, quite a lot, but I see something and think it's better than what I have. I buy shirts that are cute, but then as soon as I step outside in the summer time I'm sweating like a pig and you can see it. So then I buy more thinking it will hide my sweat better. And I'm always trying to find the next awesome skirt for exercising in. So I have a HUGE variety!!!

As I reached my best PR (personal record) at a 5K on Saturday, I realized why I enjoy it so much. I can see my progress. I really enjoy exercising. I exercise 4 days a week and lift weights 4 days a week. I really really enjoy it. I have been at a weight loss stand still for the past 9 months. I keep telling myself maintaining is better than gaining! Back to running, I look back on the last 9+ months when I started running. August 2011, pace 13min/mi. October 2011, pace 10:30min/mi. December 2011, pace 9min/mi. I can see myself improving. I know what to do to get faster.... just keep running .... June 2012, pace 8:19min/mi!