Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Selfless Sister

Mandy Pandy, Mandalynne, Man, Rotten Apple..... 
my sister Mandy Lynne :)

Mandy is 7 years younger then me. Growing up we were not the best of friends. Of course we loved each other when it all came down to it, but we did not get along well. I don't know if it was her or if it was me :) 
I just won't point fingers :)

When I went to college out of state in 1998 we became close. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder - ha! We still have an unusual relationship. We can yell at each other and fight over who gets the shower first. Tell each other how to dress, or how not to...but in the end we still love each other unconditionally. 
And we both know it. 

Malayna & Tia Mandy - taken in 2009
In 2005 my husband & I had our first child and Mandy was over the moon in love with her new little niece. In 2007 we had our second child and she loved her new little nephew just as much! 
I had an 18 month old & a newborn.

Jayden & Tia Mandy - taken in 2007

Mandy, my selfless sister, moved in with me to help me out with my new addition. There's so much of those first 6 months she lived me that I don't remember. :) But she remembers waking up to Jayden crying, holding him off a little bit longer so I could get some rest...on several occasions. She changed so many diapers. Let Malayna sleep with her. Was a crazy Tia and did fun things with Malayna. Always helped me clean & cook. Kept the kids if I needed to run an errand. We didn't have a dishwasher, so it was all by hand. 
She was always eager to help me!

She got married in 2007, moved to California. Her & Jake, her husband, gave of themselves. They helped grow a Spanish church there. 
They made many sacrifices.

In 2009, because of their selflessness, they sold their earthly possessions. Bed, furniture, decorations. Packed & mailed boxes to Virginia. Packed their little car to the brim! Drove from California to Virginia...in the summer...with barely working a/c. All to do the will of God. While they were in Virginia, they worked & saved money to go on the mission field. 

Tia Mandy with Mayci - April 2010

In 2010 we had our 3rd child. She loved her new little niece just the same! I stayed at my parents house for the first 2 weeks after having her. Jake & Mandy helped so much. Jake took the kids every single day to play, fed them their breakfast & lunch, and laid them down for naps, and even cooked supper for the rents, them & my family!!! awesome brother-in-law!

In December 2010, with 1 1/2 suitcases each....
they moved to Uruguay, for at least a year. 
She sacrificed taking so many clothes *they are now in my closet* :) 
They sold their car. 
They moved into a little apartment, cooked food on a little stove burner, no microwave, hung their clothes on a line to dry *by the sacrifices of others they now have a microwave & and dryer!* :)

I don't know many 22 years olds who would drive cross country to move back in with their parents. Save their hard earned money. And at age 23 move to a foreign country, away from family, away from Starbucks, Target & Chick-fil-A, away from the comfort of the US to tell others about God!!!

There is so much more I can say! And I know this had been a long blog. 
but Mandy amazes me every day!!! 
She sacrifices so much!!! 
She is my hero!

I love you Rotten Apple!

December 2010

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mayci Turns One!

April 30th, 2010, 3:16pm, Mayci entered our world!  7 lbs 15oz, 19in 

Mayci means "God's Gift" and that she is! 
A year has flown by, but then looking at the pictures of the last year, SO much has happened. *I am going to have a tough time scrapbooking this year...there has seriously been so much going on (thanks to being a stay at home mom & to my wonderful parents that live close by)*

On her 1st birthday, April 30th, 2011, my parents, my husband's parents & sister, and our friends Chris & Lisa celebrated with us at a hamburger place *I chose that because Mayci loves their fries - and that day her teeth were hurting her & she hardly ate!*

We had a wonderful time! After some teething gel she was herself again. Laughing, pulling tissue paper out of presents and delicately picking the icing off of her cupcake. 

Happy Birthday my sweet 1 year old!