Saturday, March 29, 2014

Longest Plateau Ever

Here lately I have had a lot of fitness disappointments. 

I have not lost a single pound in the past year & half. 

In November of last year the first time I took my AFAA Group Certification written tests & practical test I failed. 

The last four races I have raced I have not made PR's (personal record). That makes me mad. I am sick of hearing " you can't PR every race" I know that - but at least one more PR...soon!

I did finally pass my AFAA Group Certification. Although it took me a lot of guts to retake the tests. 

And I know what I have to do get faster. I have to push myself harder during my weekend runs. Then my hard will turn into easy, and then I can push myself even more. 

I know what I need to do to lose weight. It's just a slow process. I do enjoy the instant gratification after lifting weights. I see my muscles pumped up. And that makes me happy. 

There is no magic pill. No quick fix. But every disappointment I face is a new step to get me more in shape. So it's time to pick myself up and quit moping. 

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